About Us

BOC Sciences is a leading supplier of various types of polymers and monomers for researchers and laboratory professionals. Our advanced R&D facilities enable us to offer more than 3,000 products and custom synthesis services.

Experience & Goal

As a global material supplier, we have experienced R&D teams, advanced technology platforms, and customer service centers to help resolve your research challenges.

We strive to build a comprehensive, efficient and safe market platform. We take advantage of technologies to provide the most innovative science-based products and solutions to meet the requirements of all researchers and during manufacturing.


Experienced R&D teams

Strong expertise and professionals around the world are gathered to develop scientific projects related to polymers, monomers and advanced materials.


Advanced Facilities

Advanced instruments and facilities enable us to deliver a wide variety of products, as well as custom synthesis services to meet different requirements from different application areas including agriculture, manufacture, environmental protection and biomedical research.


Trustworthy Quality

Excellence is our eternal belief. Continuous innovation and development allow us to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent services.

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