Polymer Applications in Modern Industries

Your Reliable Source of Raw Materials for Modern Industrial Applications

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of monomer and polymer products, BOC Sciences offers raw materials for a wide range of industrial fields. Our experienced polymer specialists with proficient problem-solving skills are well versed in how polymers, resins, and plastics are used in your industry. Their extensive capabilities can offer you optimal solutions for your unique applications. Our end-market services can help you retrieve upstream products, either polymers or monomers, to support your applications.

Polymer Expertise to Help You Achieve Your Business or Research Goals

When trying to identify the proper polymer or monomer family, our professional R&D team has the abilities to help you choose the right products and help you evaluate various material grades from the perspective of the application, making effort to maximize the value for your practical application with the most efficient service.

Our different grades of products can serve a wide cross-section of industries. Learn more about the industries that our products can serve and choose the right one for your particular application.

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