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With expertise in polymer science, BOC Sciences offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products and has a substantial catalog of monomers, polymers, additives, copolymers and pure polymers. In addition, we also have extensive capabilities of offering custom synthesis services to address your needs, however complex they could be, in research or development, ranging from lab-scale to pilot-scale. BOC Sciences has advanced skills to provide different synthesis pathways for the final product, and can use existing synthesis protocols or developing new synthetic routes to meet our customers' needs for respective projects. With proficient problem-solving skills and advanced scientific research equipment, we can fulfill the following chemical custom synthesis services.

Custom synthesis services

Monomers are repeating units that form polymers in a polymerization process. Therefore, the chemical and physical properties of polymer materials are greatly influenced by the monomer repeating units. We provide synthesis services for a wide range of monomers according to customers' specific requests. 

BOC Sciences stocks a wide portfolio of polymers that can be used in multiple applications. The polymers made to the highest standards of purity have extensive applications in food, healthcare, agriculture, 3D printing, as well as construction and energy industries. We provide customized synthesis services for a wide range of polymers to meet our customers' needs.

Nowadays, polymer modifications are essential since functional polymers are becoming especially important in academic research and industrial applications. Various modification methods can overcome the original shortcomings of polymers and endow them with some high-tech properties for some specific uses. Our extensive experience in polymer modification allows us to efficiently provide custom products to aid R&D and reduce our customer's time advancing products to market for specific applications.

  • Scale-up Services

For your early-stage products and processes, BOC Sciences has strong analytical abilities to accelerate your work. From route design, optimization to analytical studies on products, we have a full suite of services available for our customers to tap into. And finally, when it comes time to scale up a monomer or polymer and optimize its yield prior to practical applications, contact us right away as these are the main missions of BOC Sciences.

We have different polymer synthesis reactions for you to choose from

Organic Redox Reaction
  • TEMPO Oxidation
  • Ozonation
  • Disproportionation Reaction
  • Reduction Reaction involving LiAlH4
  • Birch Reduction
  • Wolff-Kishner Reaction
Substitution Reaction
  • Nucleophilic Substitution
  • Nitration
  • Halogenation
  • Sulfonation
  • Hydrolysis
  • Esterification
Addition Reaction
  • Hydrogenation
  • Nucleophilic Addition
  • Electrophilic Addition
  • Diels-Adel Reaction.
  • Chain-growth Polymerization
  • Step-growth Polymerization
  • Ring-opening Polymerization
  • Cross-coupling Polymerization
And Many More ……

Custom Synthetic Data Offering

  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • Mass spectrometry (MS)
  • Infrared spectrum (IR)
  • Other tests can be completed according to customer needs
  • Gas chromatography (GC)
  • Nuclear magnetic analysis (1H-NMR; 13C-NMR)
  • Morphology Analysis (SEM; TEM; LSCM)

Our Advantages:

  • Technical expertise,  quality assurance

With advanced synthetic instruments, all customized compounds are designed and synthesized by our experts, and experienced technical directors will guide the process to ensure the delivery of high-quality products within the promised time.

  • Fast shipping and delivery

We have a variety of high-quality raw materials in stock, as well as professional raw material procurement channels to ensure that each project can be implemented quickly, and can achieve high-quality and short-term synchronization and coordination, and complete the project faster and better.

  • Experienced R&D team

The R & D team is composed of experienced scientists from well-known colleges and universities and professionals who have been engaged in polymer synthesis for many years.

  • Strong technical support

We have professional technicians who can provide assistance during the experiment, analyze the results and possible problems, and improve the project plan and complete your project as soon as possible. Our technical support is readily available even after the project is completed and delivered. 

Our Mission:

Our Mission

Custom Synthesis Process

Custom Synthesis Process

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