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BOC Sciences offers the broadest selection of dendrimers in the industry. Our product types include the following categories:

  • Bis-MPA Dendrimers
  • PAMAM Dendrimers
  • Bis-MPA Hyperbranched PEG-OH Dendrimers
  • Polypropylenimine Dendrimers
  • Dendrons

Uses & Benefits

Dendrimers not only have highly symmetrical molecular structures and strong controllability of molecular size, but also have a large number of end-group functional groups. All these characteristics make dendrimers continue to flourish in various fields. Typical applications include catalysis, biomedicine and membrane materials.

  • Catalysis

Dendrimers serve as soluble supports for catalytic entities, combining the advantages of both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts. At a time when the principles of "green chemistry" are being pursued, the properties of dendrimers that are easy to recycle, reusable and free of toxic metals have contributed to their diversity development. For example, dendrimers act as stabilizers, which have remarkable efficacy in controlling the size of metal nanoparticles and stabilizing metal nanoparticles in catalytic reactions.

  • Biomedicine

Biomedicine is one of the main research fields of dendrimers, which have proven to be valuable both diagnostically and therapeutically based on their favorable structural advantages and multivalent surface groups. The molecular structure of dendrimers is modified to ensure drug transport and targeted drug delivery. Compared with individual drug molecules, dendrimer complexes show more promising effects in antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and cardiovascular treatments. Furthermore, in imaging diagnostics, the conjugation of radioisotopes to various dendrimers reduces the dose required to obtain images, thereby increasing their efficiency.

  • Membrane materials

Due to the unique molecular structure with numerous end groups and other characteristics, more and more dendrimers are used in membrane modification research. The grafting of hyperbranched polyamidoamine (HPAMAM) onto polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) microfiltration membrane can effectively improve the hydrophilicity and flux of the membrane. The membrane can be used to recover Cu2+ from wastewater solution with a removal rate of up to 90% and a high adsorption capacity after repeated use. In addition, dendrimers can also be used to prepare organic thin films with nanoscale thickness. And the size of the metal nanoparticles on the surface of the polymer film can be controlled by the dendrimers. Such organic membranes can be used to separate gases.

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