Additional Applications of Polymers

Plastics are the most versatile materials utilized in nearly every aspect of people's life. It is one of the most researched and innovated materials and is regularly considered for use across most industries. Polymers are the cornerstone of various types of plastics. As such, BOC Sciences strives to support our customers where they develop and research from upstream perspective. We do not limit ourselves from only providing products and services for the markets we have listed, but always look for new opportunities to extend our expertise. 

Paper Making

In the field of papermaking, water-soluble polymers or hydrophilic polymers are the most used. Whether in the process of pulping, papermaking or paper processing, polymer materials are necessary. They can be used as sizing agent, reinforcing agent, adhesive, deinking agent, defoaming agent, etc., to improve the filterability of pulp, increase the strength of dry paper, and increase the retention of fibers and fillers.

For all types of the paper industry, widely participated polymers include:



When coating textile fabrics, a polymer paste or foam is applied through the use of a coating system. Coated textiles are very useful in many fields. Examples of these applications are workwear, functional clothing, filter membranes, solar protection textiles (such as awnings, roller blinds, blackout curtains), mattresses, outdoor clothing, canvas, smart textiles, carpets, warning apparels, tents as well as the automotive and military sector. Various special effects and functions can be achieved through coating, laminating, or lining.

For coating textile surfaces and for pigment printing and dyeing, participated polymers mainly involve:


Wires & Cables

Polymer materials can be used as the semi-conductive shielding layer of power cables to improve the electric field distribution. In addition, it can also play a role in the outer sheath of cables and wires. These applications require the polymers have certain properties sun as good corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, excellent dielectric properties and easy to be processed.

For manufacturing of wires and cables, participated polymers mainly involve:


With rich experience across multiple industries and technologies, our R&D team members have the expertise to help our customers' projects from selecting the right raw material to property analysis for the end-market application. Whether your challenge is on the raw materials' selection, material design, or property analysis, BOC Sciences is ready to innovate with you and help you save time and money.

For more detailed polymer or monomer information, please directly contact us.

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