Polymer Materials in Electronics


In the past few decades, inorganic materials, in particular silicon (Si), have been dominant in the electronic industry while organic polymer materials have been mainly used as insulators. Nowadays, with the increase in the demand for electronic products and the improvement in product performance requirements, polymer materials have attracted more attention and are gradually being used in the electrical field. Whether for structural components, or electrically conductive materials, BOC Sciences can tailor your needs to offer the most suitable polymer products.

Polymer Products Offering

There are various types of polymers and additives for your electronic applications.

PP has excellent comprehensive properties, such as good chemical stability, good molding processability, and relatively low price. However, because PP has the disadvantages of low strength, low modulus, and low hardness, it must be modified before preparing the material for practical applications. It can be reinforced by adding minerals or glass fiber and modified with flame retardants. The modified PP has a wider range of applications in the electronics, such as speaker bell mouth, air conditioner outdoor unit casing, kitchen appliances, etc.

Whether it's sourcing the right raw material, developing a compound to meet the new requirement, overcoming research problems, or matching product properties to end-market needs, our seasoned experts can help you from upstream lines to arrive at the most appropriate solution to improve production and optimize your bottom line.

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